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Re: Now What????!!

Hi murphmom, your symptoms are exactly like mine. I myself too have a positive ANA 1:32(homogenous pattern) i think thats how you spell it. My symptoms started around April of this year, my MD referred me to a rheumy, he ran all this tests on me, all normal except the ANTI-DN-DNA was inconclusive. Went to see him for a second appt. and basically told me not much just to call his office in case I ever developed a face rash, or had new symptoms. I have had many face rashes through out my life, when i was 23 yrs old I started seeing a Dermatologist for my face rashes and he DX me with having Skin Lupus, to not worry because that was not the "bad lupus". I really never had any body or joint aches until this year, i feel like i have the flu, just a feeling of not feeling right, i know something is not right, I think i know my body pretty well. My arms, hands, knees ache most of the time, and not to mention very exhausted. But the day I left the rheumys office I told myself i would not go back unless i was literally dying, i felt like he thought nothing was wrong with me. This week has been a little hard for me, i've had two mouth sores within the last two weeks, and I read that is one the symptoms of lupus, and extremely achy and tired. So when I read your post I felt like that was me, oh by the way my rheumy thinks all i have is a virus that can last up to a year, and he also told me that 20 % of the population are ANA positive, that doesnt mean that they have any disease. At this point I'm really considering going back to my MD and letting him know how i feel and see what he recommends. But i will tell you one thing feeling they way you feel is not normal.

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