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Re: Iodine...bad for Graves but good for Hashi's??

Gravesgirl - yes, that's what i read about iron overload and it building up in the organs.

Myth - hmmm red hair is often connected to the Celts. I think the Celts started off somewhere in the middle of Europe or roughly where Austria is today and then migrated elsewhere while some would have stayed in Europe. So when you say Celtic it doesnt necessarily mean "Ireland" only. That's why it's best to always have those routine tests first to determine whether you are low or high in anything.

My parents live on a farm and still use rain water for everything. I used to fill up some bottles and bring it back to Sydney to use for drinking. I only used rainwater while i lived there with them too, but of course used flouride toothpaste to brush my teeth. I never had a problem with cavities and i refuse to believe that cavities are solely connected to no fluoride. Often teeth issues are genetic and how well you look after your teeth. I think i've seen fluoride free toothpastes in the healthfood store.

I personally feel the authorities would be better off getting doctors to look at thyroid issues a little more realistically than merely throwing in a tonne of iodine into bread.

Back to the iodine and your thyroid, have you finally found a doctor who is at least helpful? I think a few months back you were not happy with the quality of doctors you were finding.