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Re: why do dementia symtoms worsen?

Hi tpotter...welcome to a place that will surely be able to give you help and comfort.....many listening ears and comfy shoulders can be found here!

Martha is right...most dementia is progressive. Your husband is a young man to be showing sypmtoms...but it is not too unusual. Alzheimer's (only one type of dementia) is not too selective in who it takes hold of...age doesn't seem to matter.

The other mysterious thing is that it seems to develop and progress at very different Mom is in the 10 MIL passed away 4 years after diagnosis...and my FIL is starting the 4th year after diagnosis.

Having no insurance is a challenge, but you'll get some helpful suggestions here. Try to go back and read past posts...there will be tons of information that will help you understand what the future holds.

Please come back and post again...somehow, knowing you are not alone in all this softens the burden just a bit.......Pam