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Re: Salvage radiation after Hormone Therapy?

Hi there all-
I thought I'd join in and let you know of my husband's experience which is similar to yours.
He had the DaVinci surgery with PSA 9.6 and Gleason 4+3. All margins clear but did have extra capsular extension. His first PSA came in at .1 which is the lowest our lab reports. At his 6 month PSA it was .3 so we redid after a couple of weeks to make sure it wasn't a lab error and it was still .3. Waited another 3 months to see the trend and it was .7 at his 6 month checkup. Not good. Met with radiation oncologist and set up for treatments over the next 7 weeks but before we started the procedure he did have a prostascint. This did show a particular hot spot so this was an area targeted along with the prostate bed. PSA before radiation started had gone up to .9. With this doubling time we felt we needed to act quickly. I believe I've read where if salvage radiation starts within two years and PSA is below 1. you have a better chance of a cure. And that is what we were striving for - a cure. The dr gave us a 60% chance of cure at that time.
My husband was never fully continent after surgery. Also wore pads but manageable. After radiation it has set back his incontinence but we are still hoping he will get back to at least preradiation level. He also has on occassion some fecal incontinence which is most upsetting to him. But it is not often. Other than that he feels well and never had burning or nausea. Maybe a little more tired but not bothersome.
His first PSA after radiaiton came back at .2 which is very good. In the next two weeks he'll have another so time will tell if we got lucky.
I hope your next PSA results prove nothing to worry about and you continue feeling well.