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Re: Just need ostomy experienced friends to advise.

I'm sorry for all you've been thru, but it sounds like you are strong and are coping very well. I had a temp(3 mo) colostomy for diverticulitis with perforation and peritonitis 2 years ago. I had the reversal and tho it was major surgery, going in thru the original incision again, I was strong and healthy going in so it didn't seem as bad. I have issues with frequent bms still, but I always did before so thats normal for me.(imodium works well for me) I have only had the horrible cramps twice since the resection. Before it was terrible pain and I had no idea it was so serious. Just thought I had a sensitive stomach that would cause sweats and chills and hives with a bowel movement. All those years I suffered not knowing. I wasn't sure whether to reverse or not. I had an awful time accepting the ostomy, but came to think of it as afriend that saved my life. I'll always be grateful for it. I have no regrets and reversing worked out well for me. I wish you the best. My best wishes to you.

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