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Re: Do I have lupus if I have an lupus type inhibitor in my blood

Curious, Dr. Daniel Wallace, in his excellent lupus hardcover, discusses a subbstance found in blood identified more than 50 years ago, called "lupus anticoagulant". It was found to "PROLONG phospholipid-dependent clotting time tests", as he phrases it. Maybe that's what you're thinking of??? But he adds that the old name is totally misleading, because people with this blood substance are more apt to form blood clots!

Years later, yet another clotting-related subtance was identified & was named "anticardiolipin antibody".

But now a broader name, "antiphospholipid syndrome", abbreviated APS, is used as a more encompassing term for this blood clotting disorder. There's a "sticky post" ( = permanent info post) on APS at the top of the thread list that you should read, to see if it rings any bells with you.

APS can co-exist with lupus, but it can also occur "standalone".

I read that only about 1/3 of the people who test positive for these autoantibodies actually have symptoms & problems. A rheumatologist would be the specialist to determine if a person has the antibodies, how significant a risk they pose, whether treatment is indicated, etc.

This was just a guess on my part, plus I'm only a patient---but I hope this is what you are after. Best wishes, Vee