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Caring for boyfriend advice please help!!!!

Hi all I am currently trying to care my my boyfriend who is diagnosed with bad depression, although he is still quite high functioning at the moment. He works as a clinical psychologist so understands his condition. I have tried to be supportive and have taken him to the doctors for treatment and been supportive. the problem is because of his job he tells me all the things I am not doing to help him and every time I am not doing things to his standard to help him he shouts and get very angry or upset. At the moment I am working full time in a high managerial role and have a ten month old son. I have been trying to be good at my job and be a good mum do everything in the house and then be there for my boyfriend. In the past he has punched me broke my nose and arranged to meet girls on the interent for sex and he says this is all due to his illness. I feel selfish now as I don't feel like I can cope with him anymore. When I don't give him enough attention he says he is going to kill himself and that I will be glad. I do love him so very much but it is having such an effect on the quality of life we have and feel my own mental health could suffer if we don't sort something out. He tells me how bad I make things and I feel like maybe I should leave him and let him try to sort things out himself but then feel so selfish for thinking that. I have no family and all my friends live far away as I moved to be with him. Although he wont let me speak to anyone about it as he feels ashamed about his illness. any advice from anyone who has been in a similar situation would be really helpful as I don't know which way to turn now.

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