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Re: Caring for boyfriend advice please help!!!!

Thanks for you reply. I do sometimes feel like he plays on his illness but then feel so bad for thinking that. I feel really stuck. He is not violent anymore to me. I think he scared himself when he broke my nose as my nose eas bleeding for a week and my whole face was black. He still gets angry but is more likely to throw something than be violent to be and he has never done anything to his son he does really dote on him. I feel he is very selfish and I'm not sure if this is the depression. I have needed a winter coat and have not been able to buy one yet but he buys small things that all add up so our money gets eaten up. I also feel very scared that if he did hurt himself everyone would think it was my fault, or that he would tell everyone I left him when he was most vunerable. sorry to rant on here it's just I have nobody else I can speak to about it.