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Re: So far so good - first PSA, third round/ninth year IADT

Hello Jim. I love to read about your history. I'm 54 and was diagnosed 6 years ago this month with metastatic pc. I had a 12 for 12 positive biopsy, gleason 7 and a bone scan showed it had spread to the lower left hip bone. It is now spread to both sides. I started out on flutemide and then Eligard, which I am still on. Once the Eligard had kicked in I quit the flutemide. This worked well for 5 years but then my psa began rising. I was told that I had hit that point of being refractory. I took chemo (taxotere) every 3 weeks for 30 weeks. There was a steady progressive reduction in my psa all the way down to 1. Despite that success I would not have chemo again. It destroys your entire body along with the cancer. I have had radiation 3 times for pain control. Last summer and again this summer I had 5 sessions. Radiation from last summer has left me with a large (5" by5") burn scar on my lower back. The soft tissue that was there is now like wood. I recently had an infusion of Pamidronate. The combination of Pamidronate and radiation has dramatically reduced my pain however I am now out of treatment options but doing very well just the same. My last psa was 17 in August and my oncologist does not want to do any more psa tests. He now says that we'el treat the patient, not the psa. Of course any new tests will just continue to show a rising psa, so I do agree that it's not that important to know. My path to 6 years has been a little different than yours, but knowing your sucess gives me hope. You are doing amazingly well and you are still responding to the harmonal blockade. We both have already beat the statistics. I'll continue to read your posts for new ideas and information. All the best to you. Dave