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Re: how long do side effects from atenolol last

I am curious what side effects are bothering you.
Of course we are all so different. I have to say of all the medications
I have tried and taken over the past few years----for me anyway---atenolol has probably has the LEAST side effects and they went away after a few weeks on it.

Of course perhaps it depends on what issues or symptoms a person is taking it for. Just about every medication I might take can cause me insomnia---and as I was getting used to it, that was in issue. Because I can tend to have tachycardia---a rapid heartbeat----my first doctor and then a cardiologist felt atenolol as a beta blocker was a good choice for me. The first few months after my hypertension was discovered over 5 years ago (it was never an issue before that) I would have problems with rapid heartbeat and palpitations and with weird dreams and sleeping patterns.

After a few months I saw a cardiologist who did tests to make sure the rhythm of my heart was okay and he agreed atenolol was a good choice. I continue to take it----although I finally asked for my second medication to be changed from amlodipine---a calcium channel blocker---and I am finally on Benicar with a diuretic which is great.

The amlodipine at first gave me palpitations and a lot of flushing---and it was the swelling and neuropathy which finally made me want to make a change---wish I had a long time ago.

Because I also have had an anxiety problem all my life---and this is not a medical opinion but my own----I know that there is a relationship between the adrenaline I get when I get worried and a possible rapid heartbeat etc---
but the atenolol helps with that.

You will read that atenolol is sometimes used to treat anxiety---my doctor recently was telling me that he has a patient who is a musician and he is fine at home, but when he travels he gets extra anxious and a beta blocker helps the anxiety.

I don't know if that is a good answer to your question. We all have our various opinions about liking or hating a medication---and I am sure that is because we come with different causes and symptoms---and so what will work for me and give me the least side effects could be totally the opposite for someone else------

What side effects are bothering you?