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Re: how long do side effects from atenolol last

Thanku guys,
I really didnt explain myself very good did i.Well im going to sound like a crazy person though i think Leanne may understand, i suffer from Anxiety disorder, well it had pretty much stopped i had hypno and to my amazement after 9 years of living with it the anxiety was just about gone.That was until i went to the doctor and she took my blood pressure and it was 150/115 it was a little high the last time i went so she put me on the anteolol 50mg a day, i might add i only started them yesterday but what a woeful for want of a better word without swearing, I felt dizzy all day, my head just didnt feel right, i had hot flushes all day, ictched like no tomorrow, very anxious, felt like i was fighting of panic attacks all day.
I know in myself i panic when i have to take new medication but i felt ok about taking this but after all the symptoms and then finding this site i dont think i can take one today, i am going to go back to my doctor and see what she can do.I also up till now never suffered high blood pressure only when i was pregnant with my 5 kids, when not it was always 120/80.I am overweight so that is my next project.
I had to laugh i gave up smoking 11 weeks ago with the hypno and i go to the gym 5 days a week i dont drink alcohol,i do the right thing and here i am with high bp go figure i say.
Thanku so much for reading my bable i really do appreciate the feed back.
Take Care