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Re: Salvage radiation after Hormone Therapy?

Hi Lionel: I had surgery in 1995 and 5 year's later my PSA started to rise. My Uro that did the surgery retired and the Dr that took his place said that we would wait till the PSA got to 10 then he would start hormone treatments. I went to a different Dr right away because I didn't like that idea. The next Uro sent me to a Oncologist and I started EBR treatments in May of 2001. That worked until the spring of last year when the PSA started to rise again, that is when he started me on the Zoladex.My PSA has been 0.01 for the last 4 test so he took me off the hormone treatment for the next 6 months. My health is good otherwise, I try and stay active and do a little exercise. I guess time will tell. Good Luck to you. Rich