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Re: how long do side effects from atenolol last

Well, if you are crazy, I guess we all belong in the nut house together!!
(just kidding)
We have all felt like that at one time or another, and have felt as though nobody else in the universe has felt the same--that is the great thing
about this board----realizing you are not alone.

Please DO tell your doctor and discuss your feelings. It is so normal
to have a reaction to any new medication, and there are chances that over time things will calm down. If not, then there is another medication most likely that will help you.

And we can do a mental job on ourselves taking a new medication---I certainly can---working myself up worrying about what may or may not happen. I have had good results with atenolol, but I do remember at first
feeling a little stimulated and flushing----but then settling down.

Let us know what your doctor says