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Re: Salvage radiation after Hormone Therapy?

Hi Jim,
Always nice to hear from you.

Unfortunately, my health care system in Canada does not cover any treatment out of country. Apparently, it is possible, with a ton of paperwork and a doctor working on your side, to get the government to make an exception and give permission to get treatment out of country and have it covered under OHIP ( our health care system ). The big drawback is finding a doctor who wants to go through this long and laborious task and also, the time frame involved is a long one. A person could be expired before permission was ever given.

I did go across the border just south of Buffalo NY to a cancer center in Orchard Park to get a bone scan when I first learned I had a Gleason 8 cancer. My own urologist wanted me to have a bone scan, but would have taken a couple of months to get it under our system. Naturally, I wanted to have one right away so I had a better idea of where I stood. I called over there on a Monday and was there the following Thursday getting my scan. It cast me $ 1,000 but if was worth it to find out. It was negative.

Our health care system is free, but very slow. I think part of the reason for that is the fact that so many people take uncessary advantage of the system and simply bog everything down.

Have a great day. Lionel