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Re: Alternatives to Phenobarbital?

Pheno and Dilantin are the two OLDEST medications (1912, 1938 approval dates). There are many others that have been released since. It all depends on the patient. The variables are where the seizures occur, if something is the cause of them, and if the patient can take the other medications or not.

If they have only tried those two there is a substantial field of medications to look to and see if it will work or not. You never know if it will work until you have been on it.

I was on Pheno (along with Tegretol) for over 10 years. They slowly dropped the pheno by 30mg so I wouldn't react. Took a while due to being on it for so long. Had one nasty seizure when coming off of it, but that was it (at a dose of 15mg). I always took Pheno at PM only.

Sometimes it can take years to find the proper medication mix. I went through that. I'm also in the mindset don't rock the boat if it (medications) is working.