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Re: It started at 16

Hi, I posted a reply earlier but I have no idea where it went. So, if shows up that is why there may be two.

My daughter is 13yrs old and when she was 12, May 2007 she got her first period. That summer she was very moody, figured it was teenage years starting. She has always been high functioning, outgoing, smart. Loved tv and music. She has not watched tv since March, she can not focus, to much going on in her head.

Well, long story short by the time Feb.this year came her pretend friends she created from High School Musical which Troy was her boyfriend and still is, took over. She was so inside her head she would not respond to us. She talked so articulate when she was in her room, the conversations were just like you and I. So, much drama she does not have these two way conversations with live people. She is controlling both sides of the conversation with the make believe.

Anyway, she stopped sleeping, obsessing over a baby doll and whispering to it all night. She still stays up 36 hours at times. Before this she would sleep 12 hours. She was always tired school mornings, I now wonder is she had been up all night and I did not know. They think it is bipolar, she laughs one minute, cries the next. Talks to her "friends" anywhere now. She is homebound and has been since March 1st. She is antisocial to all kids and most adults. Even when she speaks it is limited. Again, when she is in her room she talks and laughs from the minute she gets up until bed. Alot of anxiety now, she does rock when she is listening to her ipod she just started this constant rocking. She started Seasonique to stop the hormone flucuations, the week before her period she is really in her head and you can not get response from her, manic, hypersexual. Once I find her period has started, she is back to the way she was the week before. Puberty and hormones have alot to do with this increase in anxiety, psychosis. But, all the docs have no ideas how to treat her. All meds so far have made really bad hallucinations.

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