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Re: Incontinence after prostate removal

Hi Ed,

The incontinence issue can be a real area of concern after surgery. It was one thing that I thought most about before my surgery.

I did however, practise the Keagel exercises every day from morning to night before the surgery, probably for about 2 months before.

After the surgery, I only had to wear a pad for 2 weeks. When my urologist first removed the catheter after the surgery ( 2 weeks ), I leaked all over the place. I thought all those exercises were for nothing, but it was only a matter of days before I could control it long enough to get to the bathroom. After that, it just kept getting better and better until , as I mentioned, I didn't need the pad at all. Mind you, I did have a couple of accidents ( when I sneezed or laughed ) until I had total control.

So I guess the only advice I can offer is to do those exercises until you ache. Apparently they do work.

Take care....Lionel