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Agoraphobia/Severe Anxiety/Panic Attacks

Hello. I have suffered with panic and anxiety attacks for most of my life. I am an Agoraphobic and have been for the majority of my life. I was searching online for forums/groups that might have information about this and came acrossed this site. I am hoping to meet others who know first hand what I go through each and every day. I am 49 year old female who has missed out on so many family events. I need new glasses and dentures but am to afraid to step foot out of my door now. I can go out on my porch for a few minutes but only if someone else is out there to. My biggest problem with going places is the need to eat when I feel a hunger pain. I literally get a bad panic attack if I don't. This all started after I got real lightheaded about 7 or 8 years ago and after eating something it cleared up. I have a feeling I am hypoglycemic like my Dad is and like his Mom (my gramma) was. All I know is when I start feeling a hunger pain I go for the kitchen to get something to eat and sometimes before I can get the food prepared I get so panicked that I get that shortness of breathe and whoozy feeling.

Does anyone else here have any problems with this? I would love to hear from others who might be Agoraphobic also and fight the anxiety/panic everyday as I do. Thanks for listening.

God bless,

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