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Question Re: Is small fiber neuropathy prgressive?

I have been diagnosised with SFN for about 1 year ago, I can say though that I have been living with the condition for more than 3 years. I can't say my self if it has been getting worse, but I know that my body continuesly gets immuned to the pain meds, which is about the only thing I have been able to take, for all the other meds they say are good for SFN, only make my headaches that I also suffer from, worse. I have how ever, been trying the IVIG of Gamnex to try and help with the pain. I have 5th treatment of IVIG the week end before Christmas. As of right now that is not helping either, but I am trying to work up to receive 150g over three days, which is what the doctors would like for me to recieve. If anyone else has some information about the progression I would also like to know.

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