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Re: Incontinence after prostate removal


The condom type catheters are not generally recommended because (supposedly) they lead to urinary tract infections and skin problems. Iíve never tried them so canít say if thatís true. Iíve been on pads 24/7 for over 8 years and CAN tell you that constant exposure to urine does cause skin problems. Itís been a constant battle to keep fungal irritation under control. On the other hand, Iíve had very few tract infections on the pads. I think itís pretty much a matter of choice and experience. If it works for youÖgo for it. After countless medical interventions to fix my incontinence I can tell you that very few MDís have personal experience on the receiving end so, you should always be a little skeptical about their opinions and recommendations.

As to the Kegels and all other things medical, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnít. I went thru 6 weeks of bio-feedback to learn how to do them correctly. Take my expensively educated word for it, most guys do them incorrectly. Without those little electrodes stuck up your backside itís very difficult to identify the correct muscle set that needs to be tuned up. Even with this I couldnít stop the leaks. I think the critical thing is to have minimal damage done during the surgery. After that itís pretty much a crap shoot on whoís going to be dry.