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Re: It started at 16

I have DS Son who is 23 years old but I also voulenteer a Easter Seals, allot of then including my son have a pretend friend, I feel that they have a hard time communicating with others and that could be the reason. There pretend friend gives them a sense of security and there pretend friend understands them. It's hard for them to go threw life not understanding allot of things that go on , they become scared and insecure, The smallest thing can make them insecure, such as a new teacher or new kids in there class room, a new school can turn there world unside down and right side up, they don't like change nor do they adjust well to change. My son had a very difficult time during his High School years, part of it was hormones, not understanding what his body was going threw and he was tempermental at times, We had a hard time with our daughter during her teen years and she was not DS, so what dose that tell you. Hormonal years are tough. When I look at how my son was back then verse's what he is like now, there's a big difference, he is much more pleasant now. I hope things work our for all of you who posted, some of these DS stages are tough.