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Re: Is small fiber neuropathy prgressive?


I was diagnosed with small fiber neuropathy last January. My Neuro believes though that it has been affecting me since I was 14. I am now 32. It has been a long road to finally getting that diagnosis for me and many doctors gave up and I gave up on many of them due to their stupidity. I have many symptoms that don't fit with this problem and as a result it had never been looked into before as well as the fact that my current neuro, thinks that there is other problems waiting to show their ugly heads in time. Unfortunately!

As for the progressive part of this disorder I would give that a definite yes from personal experience as well as from the research I have conducted. At times I have been so debilitated I could not even move, let alone walk to save my life. I could not even lift a spoon to my own mouth due to the shear pain and exhaustion. But again I believe I have other things going on as well. For me they never could figure out any specific cause, which limits the possible choices of medicines the doc willing to give me unfortunately.

Every day I still live with a level of 4-5 for pain on average but that can spike at any time. Not having practically any normal sensation in my skin that I can trust as a real sensation takes a bit to get used to to. As a science teacher I joke around with my students that I could light my self on fire or something and not even know it were it not for the smell! HEHE Not quite that extreme but you know what I mean.