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Re: Agoraphobia/Severe Anxiety/Panic Attacks

you are not alone. I developed vertigo about 7 years ago and it has given me anxiety and i get afraid to drive and go places unless someone is with me. Have you ever tried medication? I take benzos which help somewhat. When my anxiety acts up bad i just try to take small babysteps to get back to doing things like take a small drive to the store by myself and its like a big acclomplishment!!I notice the less i do and the more i keep myself at home the worse it gets and im not giving myself a chance to get better, so try maybe taking small walks even to the corner and back. Anxiety is a tough thing to conquer i know,today is the first time since my daughter started school in sept. that i actually had enough courage to drive her to school by myself and it felt good. I was nervous but i got through it!!!! I hope you get better, keep us posted.