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Re: It started at 16

I hope this is going to the right person as a reply. My e-mail is titled, "It started at 16", but she is now 31, and seems to be getting worse. The crying is something relatively new as far as I know. I have only seen it in about the last two or three months. She was laid off from her job of over 3 years in July due to the restaurant closing, so I don't know if she is sad about that or what the reason is for it, as she can't tell me. I don't know if she has an imaginary friend, as her talking has always been silent. She never utters a word, just moves her mouth like she is carrying on a conversation, sometimes she throws her head back like she is laughing at something so funny, but no sound comes out. Once when I was helping her with her reading homework about a year ago, she was having a terrible time concentrating, and I said to her, "don't you wish that guy would stop talking, and she said, yes." It seems to really frustrate her. I have been reading about sleep apnea causing phychosis, and that is her diagnosis from about 14 years ago - phychosis undiagnosed. I never heard that before this week when I read it in our local parent support group newsletter. It does run in my family. So, now we are both crying, because I am so upset about this.