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Re: It started at 16

She has taken about 6 different kinds of BC over the years, but for the last 4 or so years has taken the kind that you only have a period every three months. The last time I went the pharmacy changed from one generic she had taken for about a year to a different generic. Who knows how they are different, but I think that is probably a small part if any of her problems. I think I will check into the sleep apnea as soon as I can, because until this week I never heard that it could cause phycosis, and that was her diagnosis 14 years ago - phycosis undiagnosed. But then, I have never thought she had a sleeping problem. I try to keep her on a schedule during the week in case she gets a new job, but on Saturday if I let her, she would sleep until noon, and she always goes right to sleep at night, so I never in a million years have thought of sleep apnea as a problem. I am definitely going to bring it up to the phychiatrist this Friday when we see him, and ask who I should see about it.