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Need advice ASAP about bleeding after tonsillectomy

About 5 hours ago I thought I tasted blood in the very back of my mouth, but there was nothing when I spit. The back of my mouth where the taste was and is still sort of numb feeling.

About an hour ago I spit out a decent amount of blood, maybe a tsp or so and I had been spitting a little out every time I spit for about a half hour and so I started drinking cold water and put an ice pack on my jaw. I don't want to go to the emergency room, only if I absolutely have to.

I live alone so I called my boyfriend at his work hysterically crying and he said that if I had been swallowing blood for the past 5 hours I'd most likely be really sick to my stomach. Actually, I'm not having any pain at all, besides some minor pain when I swallow and the numb feeling where I have a "blood" spot in the back of my throat. I'm assuming it's a blood clot after reading stuff online, but I can't tell if it's actually bleeding or if it's just a spot. I'm not spitting any blood, just a tiny bit if I spit phlegm from deep within my throat, but i've been doing that for days now.

Can I get your opinions? I still have the blood taste in the back of my mouth where the blood spot is, so does that mean it's bleeding or if it is a blood clot, could I still have that taste?

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