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Re: pancreatic cancer end stage what to expect

Inn I am so sorry you and your family are suffering. My father was dx by "mistake" at the end of May. He did not even live 3 months after his dx, it all happened so fast. I understand your pain. My father was the only parent I knew and was my hero. He lived in AZ and I in CA, however, I flew to AZ every week to see him, my brother moved in with him to care for him.

All you can do is be there. Be sure to share your feelings and say whatever you need and want to. My Father and I were able to share some last memories that I will cherish forever. Towards the end my Father was ready to pass on, he was so tired of being sick, honestly I was ready for him too as I could not see him suffer anymore--and he suffered a ton. I miss him dearly but am at peace knowing he is in a btr place.

If you need any advice etc, I will watch for you and offer whatever support I can.....