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Hi, I'm new here - Question/Statement about broken foot

Let me apologize in advance, as this is a long story. About two weeks ago I was carrying one of those extra large laundry detergent bottles in my left hand and my laundry in my right hand down a steep flight of stairs to the laundry room. My flip-flop got caught on the carpet on the stair and I went tumbling down. I dropped the detergent on my left foot and my right foot twisted under all of my weight (I'm not skinny either). I pulled myself up, but could barely walk. I came back to my apartment and called one of the nurses that I work with to ask her advice. She said it was probably just sprained and to ice and elevate the feet and take some type of anti-inflammatory. So this is what I did and continued to suffer for the next two weeks. Finally one night my right foot began hurting very bad so I went to the ER and had some x-rays done. Lo and behold, the bone below my right big toe was broken, as well as the bone on the top of your foot (not sure of the name). My left foot was/is severely sprained, and still swollen, black and blue, and very painful. So the ER doc referred me to a podiatrist who put a cast on me up to my knee, as well as a brace for my left foot. She gave me 15 5 mg Vicodin (to take 2 every 4 hrs) and told me that and ibuprofen would be all I would need, as the cast and brace will alleviate the pain. Well I call BULL. I've had the cast and brace for 4 days now and the pain is no better. I have called her twice and she refuses to give me anything else for pain. The ibuprofen only helps so much and I ran out of the Vicodin today. I live in a very small town in Alaska so we have a shortage of docs here. She is the only podiatrist I know of and there is one ortho clinic, but the foot doc is out of the clinic until next week. I just really don't understand this. Should I be made to suffer because the doctor thinks I shouldn't be in pain? I feel very helpless. I've been in AK for 1 yr. I'm from a large city where doctors would never behave in this manner. Every person I've ever known who had broken bones was always given medication to alleviate their pain.

Rant over - sorry so long.

So my question is, what should I do? I'm still experiencing a lot of pain, but can't seem to get any help. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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