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Re: 5 months after RAI...and I'm pregnant...anyone else have this experience?

Okay, a Radiologist friend of mine gave me a link to read but it is based on a study of pregnancies that occured 1 to 2 years after RAI........excellent study and showed no pattern of any problem afterward but it did not elaborate on under 1 year so the study really does not help......he said they will stick to an "at your own risk " if it is under the time they told you.

You have to make your own decision but I would proceed with the pregnancy , have an ultrasound and maybe an amnio (remember there is a risk of misscarriage with amnio). See a High Risk OB or RE........

I have a dear friend who during college x ray rotation found out she was pregnant....they tried to encourage her to have an abortion due to the high amount of x ray she was exposed to.....the protection was pretty poor back then 33 years ago. She stuck it out.......we all worried and felt maybe she shouldnt have risked it.... and she had a healthy baby boy..He is a healthy young man now....... So like I said it is your decision but keep in mind miracles do happen and that baby sounds like a miracle....

Let us know what you find out...........Oleander