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Re: Hi, I'm new here - Question/Statement about broken foot

I wouldnt advise putting something behind your knee. thats basic knowledge. especially since you would be moving your legs much, this is just asking for a blood clot in my opinion. im a nurse in trauma, and work regurarly with orthopedic patients.

One commonly known thing is never to put anything under the knee, because that will compress the big blood vessels, and will cause your blood flow to be reduced, and thus rising the risk of having a blood clot formed.
If you add the fact that your leg being elevated, will already have less circulation, the possibility of the cast being too tight, and the cold from the ice also slowing down blood circulation by constricting your blood vessels. i think youd be better off finding another clinic or doctor, or having your cast re-evaluated.

But i STRONGLY suggest you do not follow the advice of sticking something under your knee. anyways, the broken bone is in your feet, i hardly see how putting ice under the knee would help any pain 10-12 inches BELOW that.