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My Biopsy Was Negative But PSA Is Still High.

My PSA had gone from 4.4 to 5.7 in two months. Free PSA was 13%. It went up after I stopped taking an month of antibiotics. I had to be off antibiotics one month also to get an accurate reading. I had a 12 core biopsy and no sign of cancer. Doc thought he saw a small cyst but he said that wouldn't effect my PSA levels. He said we do another PSA in 6 months. If it continues to go up, then another biopsy. Why can't doctors find a reason for the raised PSA levels? The DRE was normal. I read on here that some men found cancer on their second ot third biopsies. If it is missed on the biopsy, does this mean it is so small it was missed? Are there men that go through their lives with elevated PSA and never get cancer? If it were prostitis, would my DRE feel normal?

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