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saw another occuloplastic surgeon

Hi all,

So I saw another occuloplastic surgeon for a second opinion and she said that she would do a Levator resection given my current levator function. The first surgeon had told me that levator resection was a big no no for me given the underlying muscle disease. So I'm very confused right now.
I know some people have undergone the levator resection--Just wondering what your experience with this surgery was...if things didn't turn out well- what went wrong? Also, I think it was sarah's post that mentioned this--but just from my research cpeo cannot be passed down by men/ dads if the mutation is in the mitochondria since only mom's contribute mitochondria to the baby. CPEO can also be due to mutation in the nuclear DNA in which case it could have been passed down by the dad.

Also wanted to say thanks for that interesting HIV/ ophthalmoplegia article...

Thanks all

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