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Re: Question regarding Lhermitte's and Optic Neuritis

Here is my history of the symptoms:
In March 2006 after 1-2 moths of stress I started seeing floaters, being off balance, tingling buzzing numbness in hands and foot, thiches all over, my right thigh started cramping(but only when I'm walking). I had blurred vision, weak forearms (If I lift something they strated to hurt and cramp) Also my muscles were jerking I can see them, my tongue started to sore I lost my taste for 2-3 weeks my calfs cramped etc. Then I started to feel my left leg and arm very weak I did EMG which was ok.
After 12-13 months suffering and googling I went to neuro, all physical exams were ok, no Babinski, I have abdominal reflexes I did MRI of my head - it was ok,, then 19 months ago I did c-spine and upper throatic - again normal. Also I have more but you should ask me because I may forgot some, I had a 1000 symptoms.