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Re: Hair loss for 7 years - Ferritin, Thyroid? Please help!

Hi Rose - i can identify with the "rogaine". My initial doctor who was totally clueless in so many areas, only i never knew it at the time and i was too trusting, told me to go buy a bottle of rogaine. Fortunately when i got to the chemist, the lady laughed in my face and said "no dear, this isn't for you, you're wasting your money, better you go and find out the real reason for your hair shedding". Happily i went back to her a few years later and thanked her for saving me money and making me go search for answers.

I live in Australia so it would be quite a long plane trip a nice holiday though However, His name is Anthony Pearce and his title is a Trichologist.

If you are looking for good thyroid doctors in the USA you ought to post on the Thyroid section of the Healthboard and you will get loads more information and help. If you need low iron/anemia help then the Anemia section is fantastic.

I started off on the hair board and then branched out to various other parts of the board.

If you have not had the FULL thyroid test eg: TSH, T3, T4 and Thyroid Antibodies, you need to find a doctor who will do the lot.

You also need to have things like B12, Vitamin D, Gluten Intolerance, Urine Iodine test and full hormone panel eg: Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone, DHEA's and Cortisol level checked out too, best is a saliva test. Most doctors will do a blood test, but if you can fine a doctor who can order a saliva test that is best. Sometimes doctors in natural therapies can even organise that (some do here in Australia), ones like naturopaths, homeopaths, trichologists.

I've recently pushed and pushed for my dad to have a whole bunch of stuff done which is doctor didn't feel was necessary. it took 3 different blood tests to get the whole lot done. It was like pulling teeth, but i persevered and his doctor backed down. Fortunately for him i was so insistent, it works out his thyroid is overactive, he has very low Vit D and B12 too. He has blood pressure and elevated cholesterol which is common a common symptom too. You need adquate Vit D to absorb calcium and his calcium is below low.

So you see, it's not just one thing you need to look at, but a whole range of things, but if you can get all the tests done, or the more important ones done and you can start supplementing things you are low in, then you can focus on the harder things like finding a good doctor as you go. main thing is to keep making improvements and eventually you will have struck everything off your list.

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