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Re: new type of seizure- from Lamictal? ME TOO!!

Thank you for getting back to me, that is EXACTLY how I feel. Like I just get sucked into my mind for a min and I have to shake myself out and get back to what I was supposed to be doing. I find I zone out easily too when Im having a conversation with someone. Lately Ive been getting really tired and my eyes have been blurry and playing up. Im going back to my doctor soon to find out what the go is because I hate feeling this way, its really controling my life at the moment. Ive been doing alot of research on Australian Epilipsy sites to find out if these side affects are normal... do we have to put up with them the rest of our lives? I've copy and pasted a section on Anxiety because this is one of the big symptons of Epiliepsy..

"Symptoms can include; stomach pains, diarrhoea, dry mouth, rapid heartbeat or palpitations, tightness or pain in chest, shortness of breath, dizziness, frequent urination, difficulty swallowing. Psychological symptoms can include: difficulty in sleeping, irritability, inability to concentrate, fear of madness, feeling unreal and not in control of your actions. "

I dont get all of these but I do get a few of them. It says to see your doctor if these things start to worry you but I hate it when they play with my meds because I feel worse for a while.
Anyway I will post back to you and let you know what the doctor says, maybe you should make an appointment with yours to? Thank you for writing back to me. Its nice to know I'm not alone and I'm not going crazy!
Lauren x x x