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I do have sinusitis, no treatment though?

I saw the GP yesterday because I have had a cold 2 weeks but now the mucus is green, I am congested mainly on my left side, i had some sinus pain in left cheek the other day and i had a nosebleed yesterday morning (never had one before), GP said I do have sinusitis, not severe and he said anti bs do not really help sinusitis so he said to just rest, drink plenty, steam and use my spray and it should clear on its own. He thinks I have now caught the kids flu type virus on top of the cold I had so thats why I am feeling so bad, I had a fever for 2 days but today its been ok but I just have an awful ache over left nostril, left side of jaw throbs when i open my mouth and green from nose, is this normal with a cold?

I hope it goes soon, I am not sure how much longer I can carry on feeling like this, I have 3 young children to look after and I feel terrible Any advice? I am steaming, using nasonex spray but feel im getting worse not better.

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