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Re: The Cyberknife? Has anyone used this form of treatment?

Cyberknife is another term for what has come to be known as stereotactic radiotherapy. It was originally used as a highly targeted radiation treatment for certain cancers and brain metastases because it could be delivered very accurately in lower dosages to very small tumors and areas of brain metastases without damage to surrounding tissue. It is considered a palliative rather than curative therapy.
It is also a much quicker course of treatment requiring fewer visits than the many weeks required for IMRT. It also has fewer and milder if any side effects It is now being used in a few specialty clinics to treat prostate cancer and was performed this year on a lifelong friend of mine who is 76 and too compromised with other serious health problems to risk undergoing any of the more rigorous first line therapies. While it has some effectiveness in retarding the progress of prostate cancer, perhaps long enough to permit my friend to die of other causes, most experts don't consider the dosage of radiation delivered to the prostate tumor(s) high enough to effect a cure. In my friends case it reduced his PSA from 6.5 to 0.8 which is not considered an optimal level following radiation for PCa.

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