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Re: Neck and Throat Cancer

Ur very welcome! The treatment is brutal but it works! There's a pill I think that he can take to protect his glands.I'll try to find out the name of it. The dry mouth was really bad afterwards making eating difficult.He had to carry a bottle of water with him all the time which is a small price because he is alive but if it can be helped I would try it. He wil have a bad sore throat also which there is an rx called "magic swizzle" which can help some with that.His doctor or dentist can help him with that. too. Has he talked to his dentist? Not sure if the doctor told you but he should see his dentist before he starts radiation.Just make sure he gets alot of calories now and he will get though it!!! He will need your support cause it can be hard emotionally also.Do you mind if I ask how old he is and what stage is his cancer????