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Herpes or shingles?? Please read!

I saw my doctor yesterday regarding strange lesions on my face. When he first looked at me, he said I had a herpes outbreak. Then he noticed that it extended to my cheek, and said instead that it was shingles. I asked him how sure he was and he said he's 80% sure it's shingles, 20% sure it's herpes. Swab results will take 2 weeks and I'm going crazy with worry, so if anyone has any idea which condition my symptoms sound more like then please leave a comment.

It started out with what felt like a pimple on my nose. It's not near the nostril though. The "pimple" turned into a large red bump with what look like tiny little blisters on it. I have two blisters on my top lip, and a few very small blisters between my mouth and my nose. A couple nerves in my cheek feel as though they're going haywire, and these areas have turned into red patches - not blisters, but inflamed little patches. There are three of these, and they are very sensitive to touch. Even when I'm not touching my cheek, I can feel the nerves firing. The highest patch on my cheek is about an inch below my eye.

Does HSV cause such nerve discomfort? How likely is it that an HSV breakout would spread over such an area? I've never had a cold sore before. Any thoughts would be much appreciated!

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