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Re: I do have sinusitis, no treatment though?

Hi Essica,

I also have a sinus infection. My symptoms are:

yellowish/greenish/brownish liquid stuck in my throat that I have to hack and spit out. PND

Face tender to touch- not alot but some and not always.

Crusty nose from the inside only.

Bleeding nose.

Runny nose some times yellow but mostly clear.

malaise- general tiredness.

Red tired looking eyes - epsecially by end of day even if I am not doing something.

Foul odour from my nose and bad breath even when I am not talking.

pressure in eyes at times- not always.

Low grade fevers.

I seem to get this feeling every time the weather is cold and in the UK that means 9 months of the year I have sinusitis problems and it is worst.

I remember going out and it was so cold but I was the only one blowing my nose constantly I meant it was dripping like a faucet but I looked around and no-one else was blowing their nose or had runny nose. It seeems to get worst for me when its cold weather.

I have sinus problems for up to 9 months of the year and what I have noticed is many doctors in the UK dont give antibiotic and if they do give they only give enough to cover 5 days.

I remember having a sinus infection really badly and the doctor did not give me anything. I mean it was like 4 weeks with symptoms and still he did not give me anything. I think becasue of this I have some type of bacteria lurking in my sinuses/nasal cavity which is giving me an odor from my nose and my mouth. I blame it on the doctor I saw 4 years ago who could have given me something to clear up this infection. I believe that it would have prevented it from getting so bad all these.

I also remember getting antibiotic a year ago for 5 days only. As if that is going to help anything. I read from a doctor that antibiotic for sinus trouble should be given atleast for 2 weeks. Short courses of antibiotics for 5 days or 7 days do not cure sinus infections that is partly why they come back.

So, just a word of warning if you have a sinus infection that's been lingering for years or even weeks then atleast 2 or 3 weeks antibiotic maybe needed. I am not a doctor but that has been what I experienced in the past.

I am presently on antibiotic for 2 weeks so i will see how it goes for improving my symptoms.

i also intend to do nasal washing as well.