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Re: Neck and Throat Cancer

My husband is a healthy 61 year old. They said his cancer is a stage III because it traveled from somewhere in the back of his mouth to his lymph glands. Since they removed the lymph glands, they can only find a tiny spot on the back of his tongue that still has cancer cells. Because it's such a small area and we caught it quickly, I think he'll be okay after the radiation treatments and chemo.
We saw a dentist to have his teeth checked prior to starting treatments and he said John's teeth are in good shape so he doesn't need any work right now. He fitted him with trays for fluoride treatments and wants him to continue them for the rest of his life because he said his saliva will never be the same.
Our Oncologist doctor hasn't mentioned anything about a pill to take for the saliva glands but I'll ask today when we see her. I'll also ask about the "magic swizzle" for his throat. Thanks for telling me about them. I can't tell you how great it is to have someone to talk to who has been through this. It helps so much. Doctors answer our questions but we don't know all the questions to ask. Thanks again