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Re: Constant feeling of having to urinate


i too am a 26 year old who has been living with this problem. however, i've only been dealing with it for a little less than 4 months. i cannot imagine living like this for 6 years! i have been losing my mind! but i seem to have finally found a cure! i have done A LOT of research online. my whole problem started with an actual UTI that was detectable in my urine on Aug 25th. after 1 week of antibiotics i still had mild symptoms, so i went back to the doctor for another urinalysis. this one came back negative for infection. ever since then i have been to multiple doctors and have had every test imaginable done, but they could find nothing wrong with me except for microscopic amounts of blood in my urine. anyway, i have found articles online that say my symptoms could be due to an infection of the paraurethral glands, or a bladder infection in which the bacteria have gone inside the bladder lining, and cannot be detected in a urine sample. the cure for either of these infections is a LONG course of tissue-penetrating antibiotics (as long as 8-12 weeks). so i tried bactrim and after 8 days, my bladder-symptoms were completely gone. unfortunately, that same day i also had an allergic reaction this the antibiotic which caused a rash all over my body & made me the itchiest i've ever been in my life. so i stopped taking that obviously, and i am now on doxycycline. this is the 3rd day i've been on it, and i am feeling almost completely better. i think if i can just stay on this antibiotic for a long time without having an allergic reaction, i will be cured. so my advice is to at least try a long course of bactrim, doxycycline, cipro, or some other tissue-penetrating antibiotic before trying anything else. i have had doctors diagnose me with interstitial cystitis, tell me it's all in my head, etc. they are all morons. try a long course of antibiotics! it just may make the problem go away! goodluck.

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