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Smile Re: Pregnant and just diagnosed with DS

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Thank you for the above encouraging words. I just received the news today that our amnio tested positive for trisome 21 (DS). At first I was flooded with an overwhelming feeling of shock...This isn't happening to us (Denial). Then, I thought about the reasons we had the amnio in the first place and it was indeed to be educated if we should have a baby w/downs. I guess I was somewhat prepared for this news. Now our goal to gather information about our situation so that we can be prepared to be the best parents we can be. I am very upset and still cry (a rollercoaster all day)! My husband and I are sitting hear talking about the two wonderful boys we have and how the birth of our baby girl in March will bring us the biggest challenge and the most happiness. I've already spoken with my dr's and a psychologist to get to this point today. Does anyone have advice for questions to ask our pediatrician or books to read?...We are going to do the usual research on the internet and off to barnes and noble tomorrow. Still in shock, but finding clarity...I think, I hope. Laura37