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Re: Washing Machine from HELL!!!

Originally Posted by Machaon View Post
...It begs the question, why can I have a tarp in the other room, and not react to it, but I can't have the washing machine ANYWHERE in my home, without a severe reaction, unless covered up 100% by the same tarp that offends me when it is in the same room!?...

What you are going through must be frustrating indeed. I am impressed that you are able to maintain a (relatively) positive attitude about it all.

One thought about your reaction to the second tarp is that you might not be so much reacting to the tarp itself, but to the computer and other objects whose outgassing is trapped in the room. Even though you may feel that these other objects don't normally give you problems, there might normally be better ventilation in the computer room, which is then cut off when you seal it up with the tarp.

Just a thought.

I don't have as wide-spread a reaction to as many things as you, but I do sympathise, as I react to perfume -- which is pretty hard to avoid!

Best of luck,