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Re: Washing Machine from HELL!!!

Originally Posted by rheanna View Post

What you are going through must be frustrating indeed. I am impressed that you are able to maintain a (relatively) positive attitude about it all.
Thanks for your kind, complementary remark.

For the past 20 years, almost all of my efforts have been towards surviving Heart Failure combined with Persistent Atrial Fibrillation, Insulin Resistance and chronically High Blood Pressure. Now that those diseases are at bay, I've turned my full attention towards my Environmental Illness, which, as you say, is extremely frustrating and angering!

One thought about your reaction to the second tarp is that you might not be so much reacting to the tarp itself, but to the computer and other objects whose outgassing is trapped in the room.
Well..... there is no doubt that you are familiar with MCS. Yes..... I do have problems with electronics. With some electronics, if I air them out for a week or two prior to bringing them inside, I will be OK. With others, I just cannot have them inside.

My previous PC was getting old and inadequate. I first tried to replace the monitor. I purchased an inexpensive LCD monitor, and had no reaction to it. I then bought a new computer and better LCD monitor, and got lucky again, because I was able to have both inside, and use both without reaction.

I've got several old, really old, laptops. Kind of a hobby of mine, keeping those old laptops alive. I've removed the major batteries. I used to be able to spend long periods of times tinkering with them, but now, the longer I am exposed to one of the old laptops, the worse I get. When I have to work on one, which is almost never these days, I do it as quickly as I can.

Of the remote controls we have, I can't get close to two of them. The rest of them offer no problem.

Even though you may feel that these other objects don't normally give you problems, there might normally be better ventilation in the computer room, which is then cut off when you seal it up with the tarp.
Regarding ventilation...... I have found that, opening up the windows, and airing out the place, at least once a day helps. On high pollen/pollution days, it bothers my allergies, but it helps with the MCS.

I don't have as wide-spread a reaction to as many things as you, but I do sympathise, as I react to perfume -- which is pretty hard to avoid!

Best of luck,

Cigarette smoke, even if on someone's clothes, or hair, hours after they have smoked, is one of my worst irritants. It causes nasty Allergic and MCS reactions.

What happens to you when you come into contact with perfume?

And....... thanks for your suggestions and comments!
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