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Re: Is this what anxiety is??? Please help....

Thank you so much for replying. When I had my bloodwork to check my thyroid levels a few wks ago, she was checking my T3 and T4 levels. Both showed normal. Is it possible something still isn't right with my thyroid? My dr seemed pleased with the results and therefore didn't adjust or change my meds. I am on Synthroid 0.05 mgs (which seems like quite a low dosage to me).

Last night I feel like I had another panic attack. Only 2nd time this has happened to me and both at the same time/situation. The first time was the night I went to ER. Laying in bed unable to sleep....heart beating a little fast then I start to PANIC. I got a sweaty faint feeling, my heart was pounding like crazy and just had this feeling like I was going to die...hard to describe. Lasted about 10 mins then I was able to lay back down and fall asleep.

Like you said and like I've also read, thyroid problems can cause anxiety problems. Since my levels are normal, I figured whatever is going on with my heart and this anxiety I've been experiencing is unrelated.....?? I don't know if I should ask my dr to do further testing or go see a specialist. I just want to feel NORMAL. The holidays are coming up and I just want to be able to enjoy it and not have to deal with this anymore. I know my mom has had some issues with anxiety. She said she has Xanax (sp) that she has to take on occasion. I don't really want to have to be on anymore drugs than I'm already taking, but if something like that will help me, I'm at a point where I'm willing to do anything to make me feel good again. Not knowing why all this is happening is really bothering me.