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Re: My Recent PPH Surgery Experience

Originally Posted by sweetiepie2008 View Post
My Husband had this procedure done on October 24th, 6 weeks, The pain is better but he still has lots of gas and the feeling that he has to go most of the time, he’s up and down all night and day. He can’t really go anywhere. He started back to work but has terrible gas and back and forth to the bathroom. When he does go there is lots of burning. This has been a nightmare for us as well. I'm in agreement if I had done more research and found these Message boards I would have encouraged him not to do it. The doctor just handed us the brochure and we looked on the website and it looked like an easy procedure. After 3 weeks of unmanageable pain the doctor pretty well just left us to cope with this on our own. Saying “you shouldn’t be in this much pain” and “everything looks normal”. Well it’s not normal and I am hoping and praying he will just be able to stay at work 8 hours a day.
Hi Sweetiepie,
Sorry to hear about your husband's pain, because i can relate to it. I also had a PPH done on December 10th, now i has been 11 days, I still have a lot of soarness in my anal canal. I had a stage 3 hem, and the doctor recommended PPH, and the procedure was done by a rectal-colon specialist from Kaiser. I was told that the recovery depends may take the most about a week. I have been staying home for almost 2 weeks, constantly experienced a lot of pressure in my behind. Urination is difficult too, I had to soak my behind in the warm/hot water, it makes the bm and the urination easier.
I am hoping that I should be recover soon. The PPH procedure was pretty painless and quick, but the pain is pretty excruciating after the surgery.
I hope your husband feel better.