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Re: Total Knee Replacement: Recovery - Things I wish I knew!

These post have helped me alot in knowing what is going to happen after I have TKR. I am 45 and used to be a very active person and a paramedic for more than 20 years. Now I am retired and hurt with every step I make and sometime when I am not even moving. I am going to have TKR on my left knee, which I injured in track when I was 16. I had torn ligaments and torn cartalige surgry, but I think it only made my knee worse. I hate having to take so many meds just to move eveyday. I take Tramadol, which I call my "tinman Meds". If you have knee pain you know what I mean. I have know for many years that I was going to have to have TKR, but just never slowed down to do it. But when it finely got to the point that I needed the TKR, the Docs would not do it cuz I was to young. I have tried everything but voodoo. But it got to the point where I could not work anymore before the doc would do it, that has made me mad, but better late than waiting til I am 50 or 60 years old to do it. I have never looked forward to a surgry before like this one. The one thing you have all side that in time, your knee felt like it was yours. I can't wait for that!!!

I will ask more for info as time goes and hope you guys can help me with this. I have watched the TKR on the internet and has relieved alot about to me.

Thanks and on walking.