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Re: sorry!

im sorry this is a hard time for you also!! it is hard for the kids when breakups are still so fresh.. but it does get easier! do not feel guilty.. this isnt on you.. by the sounds of it you did the right thing not just for yourself but for your kids! they will learn that maybe when they are a bit older!! im starting to pick up a bit but its surely gonna go downhill again once christmas day is here. im going to the hospital on christmas eve to give out presents and try to make some other people feel a bit better.. im sure its a hard time of year for them too! its sad... its meant to be happy... but its sad! how are you going? have u figured out what is happening christmas day?? my mum pretty much has a new family so she doesnt care we are not with her for christmas and dad has no one so we will spend it with him. i havnt spent christmas with any of them for years.. always other families! so this will be a first for a long time!! maybe you could do a half day? ur ex doesnt live too far away so that could work! thankyou for the birthday wishes.. i always dread my birthday!! this one would have had to of been the worst! ahwell another year has past.
let me know what you decide... maybe i can help out with some ideas??