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HRT and monthly bleeding

There seems to be so little discussion here on the menopause board about hrt.....I don't get it. I know that like myself others were scared about hrt with the Women's Health Study. But....after much bone loss and considering the alternatives, I have gone on hrt.
So , my question concerns the monthly "bleed". My regimen is vivelle dot and prometrium 10 days a month. When I first started this with my general doc. , she said prometrium ea. 3 months. The gyn was really against that approach and said ea. month. Anyway, the first time I did the prometrium --no bleeding. And my estradiol hadn't gone up much and the gyn increased the vivelle dose. Well, this month when I nearly completed the 10 days prometruim the bleeding started slow then went pretty heavy and now has let up. The whole bleeding thing went on for about a 5 day"period". Is this what is expected ?
What is happening with others out there? I am not so sure I am going to like the monthly situation again. Also my mood was not positively affected by the prometrium.
I guess one way around this is another way of doing the hrt so you have estrogen and progesterone all the time together and you are supposed to stop bleeding.
I had just read the estradiol patch is supposed to be one of the best ways to go and prometrium best progesterone. Any comments?

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